Sri Narsimha Rao Myskar


61 Years. 
Mysker ji has taken Voluntary  Retirement
from services of FOOD CORPORATION OF INDIA  after serving nearly 29 years. After that he is associated with SBI LIFE INSURANCE co. service june- 2006 and became Regional Directors Club Member during 2014-2015. He is also working with ADARSH CREDIT CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD, NALGONDA Branch as ORGANISER since 2012. Also Nominated as BUSINESS FACILITATOR to
CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA, Nalgonda Branch during 2013.

Myskar ji’s Message

Mr. Narsimha Rao always tells… Live and Let Live is the best way of life.                                            He always keeps cool with cheerful face and tries to make others happy.
According to him “always there will be a conflict between Mind and Conscious. Since the conscious is pious, it will give good direction. If you follow after consciousness, you will reach the right path. If you do good you will have credit balance. If you do bad you will have credit balance. It will be carry forwarded in the nearest incarnation, your account will be settled accordingly. we cannot escape from the hands of ALMIGHTY.

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