Nalgonda Lawyers slapped Lagadapati Photo for spraying pepper spray in Parliament

Lion Goli Amarender
From left –> Lion Goli Amarender gaaru
Advocate Affan Ali Sir
Advocate Affan Ali

Nalgonda Advocates

Nalgonda Advocated Slapped Lagadapati Rajagopal’s photo with shoes in reaction to Lagadapati Rajagopal’s mischievous act of spraying Pepper Spray in Parliament. Lagadapati’s mischievous act shocked the whole civilised world. China took the opportunity to laugh at our democratic system. China remarked that Indian Democracy is immature one. India is the largest Democratic country world. Lagadapati’s lunatic act spoiled India’s image in the view of the world. TV9 Chief Ravi Prakash compared Lagadapati with Bhagath Singh. Nalgonda lawyers filed cases on TV9 Ravi Prakash for his foolish act.

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