How to use the genuine money earning website is the best money earning website. Most of the websites waste our time in the name of searching suitable work for us. This single website offers us many money earning options.

  1. Free Roll – Under the first tab of this website, we can find Free Roll option. For every hour we get a Free Roll which offers us A. a minimum of 0.00000047 BTC to maximum of 0.05342094 BTC B. Minimum one Lottery ticket to participate in a weekly lottery. C. Minimum 1 free Reward Point to buy electronic goods, Lottery Rewards or increase the amount of our Free Roll points.
  2. Everytime a person referred by us play Free Roll, we get a minimum of 0.00000020 BTC
  3. All the lottery tickets we procure by playing Free BTC and buying will be included in Weekly Lottery. There would be 10 prizes in the lottery. First prize of the lottery is 0.14847434 BTC. 557.06 dollars. 10th prize is 0.00029001 BTC that is equal to 1 dollar based on present Bitcoin price.

For example if you click the Free Roll button 10 times a day, you get 500+ satoshis.

Next, in a period of 2 months if you refer 100 people, and they all use the app for 10 hours a day, you get 20+ BTC / Satoshis for every referral roll. 100X20= 2000 satoshis per hour. If they all click the roll button for 10 times a day you get 20,000 satoshis in a single day.

your rolls 500 + referral rolls 20,000 = 20,500 satoshis. In a month you can get 6,50,000 BTC. Roughly that is equal to 25 dollars. Present Bitcoin price is 4000 dollars.

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