Berminal app payment proof feedback – Berminal is fake

Berminal app payment proof real or fake feedback

After using it for 4 months I got a clarity that Berminal is a fake app. It does not have any market value. Berminal coin in not listed and the tokens it offer are fake. They do not have any value in the market.

Do not waste your time working on Berminal.

berminal-fake berminal-fraud

Along with wasting time you will be landed in other problems by using Berminal app.

  1. First we have to go thorugh a verification process after earning some points on Berminal. Usually verification fails 2 or 3 times. We have to give access of our mail id and personal proofs to Berminal
  2. berminal-fakeBerminal Telegram group is full of Hackers. We do not get any support from the Berminal admins. As the Berminal Telegram group is full of Hackers, they pose as the team members of Berminal. They collect your confidential data and get access to your bitcoin and other account to hack you. I suspect the Berminal itself is run by Hackers.
  3. berminal-scamBerminal misguides us by displaying our money in Dollar, Euros, Yen, Won, Yuvan, and Rupees. But it pays in Berminal tokens which don’t have any value in the market.
  4. Bermi App. The other app run by Berminal team is ‘Bermi’. They are offering 1 point for watching 30 seconds video. Here also they display the earnings value in Dollars. But they do not pay in dollars. We have to use the collected Berms to pay a scratch game. Here we loose almost all our money only we are left with a 1000% reduced value. To make $1, we have to watch at least 21000 minutes length of videos.


Additionally if you are looking for a better website or App i will guide you to genuine paying apps. They have been online since years and have good reputation. For more information regarding how to use FREEBITCO site visit this page.

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